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We were established in 2014 by HATAYA Inc., which produces a wide range of commercial spaces, including the planning and production of store signs and displays.

We have raised ourselves as a brand by using the screen-printing technique that has long been cultivated in the field of industrial printing, by manufacturing original goods, and selling them.

Since our establishment, the collaboration between in-house designers and artisans has brought about a combination of creativity and craftsmanship in our manufacturing.

The flagship products are stationery, such as greeting cards and notebooks, all of which are printed by hand in our studio.

By making good use of the screen-printing technique, which is also widely used in arts fields, we offer various well-made daily necessities with artistic value at affordable prices.

We have unveiled our products at trade shows in New York and Tokyo, in addition to opening pop-up stores and holding workshops at local events.

While taking advantage of the high capabilities of design and self-contained printing techniques, we are developing our fields, not only domestically but also overseas, by creating custom-made products at the request of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Brooklyn Museum, etc.

Access Map

651-2115 神戸市西区伊川谷町別府121-1

TEL: 078-974-9336
FAX: 078-974-9366

営業時間: 月曜日-金曜日 09:00-17:00

121-1 Ikawadanichobefu Nishi-ku Kobe, Japan 651-2115

TEL: +81-78-974-9336
FAX: +81-78-974-9366

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00



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